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Dott. Marco Cifani
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PhDstudent of "Workingwell-being of the personbetween law, education and social development" at the "UniversitasMercatorum" Institutewhere he alsoattended to a 2nd degree Master of "Advanced studies in labor law, organizations and industrial relations".Gratuated with honors in Law at the Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali (Luiss) of Rome with an essayconcerninglabor and procedural law entitled "Instructorpowers in the first degree of labor law".From December 2017 he hasbeenworking with Marazza & Associati Law Firmwhere, together with the deepening of hisuniversitystudies, he had the chance to consolidate hisprofessionalskills and experience of labor law, dealing with both ex-judicial and judicialassistance and legaladviceregardinglabor law, trade union law and social security law especiallyprovidingassistance to air transport companies.